Bullhead Municipal Court Offers Amnesty Day

Defendants May Quash Warrants On February 24th Without Going To Jail

Bullhead City announced on Feb. 8th that the Court will be conducting an “Amnesty Day” for individuals with outstanding bench warrants, traffic tickets and fines. Below is the stated press release:

Municipal Court Offering an Amnesty Day

Post Date:02/08/2017

The Bullhead City Municipal Court will be holding an Amnesty Day on February 24 from 8am to 5pm at the Bullhead City Municipal Court building located at 1255 Marina Boulevard.

Bullhead City currently has approximately 3,800 individuals who have a warrant(s) out of the court. An Amnesty Day is being held in an effort to reduce the amount of warrants, allow people the opportunity to comply with court orders without being arrested and to reduce the amount of fines owed to the court. For those individuals who have a warrant(s) or are late in payments and voluntary appear at the Court on that day, they will be given a one-time opportunity to resolve their warrants without being taken into custody. If someone is looking to pay their fines in full all they have to do is go to the collections counter and pay their fine(s). Individuals requesting other payment options will need to go before the Judge to establish a payment plan. If someone has a Failure to Appear, the Judge will set a new court date to resume the case.

To check if you have a warrant out of the Bullhead City Municipal Court, go to http://mohavecourts.com/Apps/Warrant/warrant/warrant.aspx and enter your name. For questions or further information, please contact the court at 928-763-0130.

Generally a defendant who has a bench warrant must go to court to get a warrant quashed (or “squashed” in slang terms). There is always potential that the judge could take a defendant into custody until a bond is posted or order jail time for contempt of court.  This uncertainty and fear can deter individuals from getting their court case resolved.  In almost all circumstances it is better to walk into court on a warrant than being arrested and seeing the judge.
If you do have an outstanding bench warrant is usually best to contact an attorney to advise you on your next steps in getting the warrant cleared.