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Alfredo H.

Right man for the task…Shawn was attentive and responsible with my situation. Willing to make a decision and able to identify opportunity as it transpires. His Professional approach and down to earth attitude, helped me see clarity in an otherwise dark and unclear environment. I am grateful I chose Shawn to represent me.

Gabriel C.

Shawn B. Hamp, is a great attorney i strongly recommend for any criminal case,specialist on trials,know the court system will fight alone with you your case.Mr Shawn represent me,at trial my case was if you need a criminal ,the Law Firm SHAWN B.HAMP, is the one …thank you Shawn.

Robert D.

Outstanding attorney. Shawn helped me through the worst time in my life. He and his staff are knowledgeable, available and proactive. The State was demanding many years in prison because of priors, but Shawn negotiated probation. When the court wrongly filed paperwork which would have jeopardized my license, Shawn swiftly stepped in and spoke to the Judge directly to resolve the issue. He is local and has an excellent rapport with the courts. You can trust your family with Shawn- he wont let you down.

Kenneth D.

Mr. Hamp saved me from a street racing conviction, great attorney!
After reading all of his online reviews and watching his youtube videos I chose Mr. Hamp to represent me facing criminal speeding and a street racing violations. He negotiated a deal that ended up with nothing on my driving record. Way better than what the public defender offered. If I ever get in trouble again (and I hope I do not) I will be calling Mr. Hamp without reservation. Highly recommended!

Juan L.

Great Attorney!
I got a speeding ticket in Arizona,it turned out to be a criminal offense! Shawn was great! He ended up lowering it to a minimal traffic violation n then eventually it ended up getting dismissed!!! I am so happy to have hired him, thanks to other peoples reviews. All of his staff are extremely helpful and attentive, they always managed to keep me up to date with my case via email!! I highly recommend Shawn and his team!

Roger T.

Criminal defense of our Juvenile son.
Mr Hamp was very professional. He described what he was attempting to do and used the current Juvenile laws to help in our son’s defense. The court verdict was satisfactory with us and Shawn was instrumental in getting the verdict we wanted. I would definitely recommend Shawn Hamp for Criminal Defense dealing with the Juvenile Court system.

Aaron T.

Thanks to Shawn and his team.
This case took over a year to go to trial, Shawn and his team were on top of it the entire time. When we went to trail Virginia Crews did an outstanding job which resulted in a not guilty verdict. Everyone in this office will treat you with dignity and respect no matter how ridiculous your questions are and if you call and there is no answer your call is returned promptly. A special thanks to Christine for helping to get our property returned to us. Shawn and his staff helped to make bad situation not quite so bad and I thank them for this.

Steven T.

Hired Shawn to represent me for DUI. Shawn and his staff were professional at all times. The online portion was easy to use and a great way to stay in contact with Shawn. I would recommend to all.

Steven B.

Several year ago I was arrested in Lake Havasu City Arizona and charged with attempted transportation of marijuana for sale. I was facing a nine year sentence. I had no prior convictions so rather then going to trial I accepted a plea bargain of three years probation and the lose of my civil rights. Six years went by and I decided to see if I might be able to have my civil rights restored. So I went online and searched for civil rights attorneys in Kingman Az. Not knowing anything about any of them I just randomly picked one. His name was Shawn Brian Hamp. I didn’t know it at the time but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I sent Mr. Hamp a very reasonable fee and three months later not only did I have my civil rights back but Mr. Hamp managed to get my whole conviction overturned much to my surprise and amazement ! My only regret is that I didn’t have him defend me at my trial to begin with. Shawn Hamp gave me my life back ! If you need an attorney I suggest you stop searching and call the best Mr.Shawn Brian Hamp.

Todd T.

“A Talented Lawyer.”
Shawn Hamp is an outstanding lawyer and resourceful defender. He and his talented staff got a Super Extreme DUI with 45 days mandatory jail time reduced to a Regular DUI with 10 days, 9 suspended. They defended my case with zeal and professionalism.