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Prostitution Crimes


  • 13-3201 Enticement of persons for purpose of prostitution; classification
  • 13-3202 Procurement by false pretenses of person for purpose of prostitution; classification
  • 13-3203 Procuring or placing persons in house of prostitution; classification
  • 13-3204 Receiving earnings of prostitute; classification
  • 13-3205 Causing spouse to become prostitute; classification
  • 13-3206 Taking child for purpose of prostitution; classification
  • 13-3207 Detention of persons in house of prostitution for debt; classification
  • 13-3208 Keeping or residing in house of prostitution; employment in prostitution; classification
  • 13-3209 Pandering; methods; classification
  • 13-3210 Transporting persons for purpose of prostitution or other immoral purpose; classification; venue
  • 13-3211 Definitions
  • 13-3212 Child sex trafficking; classification; increased punishment; definition
  • 13-3214 Prostitution; classification

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