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The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp Offers “Expungement”/Set Aside for Criminal Conviction in Northern Arizona.

Posted by Shawn B. Hamp | Jun 09, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp is now helping people when it comes to expungement or setting aside a conviction in Northern Arizona. Many people will find this beneficial in many different cases.

Kingman, AZ - The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp is offering to help people when it comes to expungement or setting aside a conviction in Northern Arizona. If people are looking to set aside a conviction for whatever reason, the firm is looking to help those people with the entire process.

The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp is a criminal defense law firm with locations throughout Northern Arizona. The firm serves the communities of Flagstaff, Kingman, Prescott, Bullhead City, and Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

With the growing economic uncertainty, the law firm continues helping people when it comes to expungement or setting aside a conviction. With this option available, people can get their record cleared when it comes to what they were convicted of. When it comes to specific offenses that are set aside, many that the firm handles include felonies, drug offenses, DUI's, and domestic violence offenses. 

Set-Asides in Arizona are available to any defendant who has completed their entire criminal sentence and completed their probation or prison sentence. They must also have paid all entire fines, fees, and restitution to be eligible.

Set-Asides in Arizona is technically not an “Expungement”. A set-aside does not seal your record as an “Expungement” does.  It does legally dismiss the conviction and a notation is placed on your conviction that you legally no longer have a conviction in the eyes of the court, and that you are rehabilitated.

By having their conviction set aside through the help of the Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp, people will be able to have a second chance and an opportunity to improve their lives. It is possible to file the paperwork yourself and many free forms are available online. Having an experienced criminal attorney though can help with the filing and knowing what aspects prosecutors and judges need to know in deciding to grant a set aside for a conviction. The law office has helped hundreds of clients get peace of mind knowing that their set aside conviction will give them renewed opportunities in life.

Having a conviction set aside can help with applying for a job, obtaining credit, purchasing a car, and helping with the immigration process.  Having a conviction set-aside can help with obtaining professional licenses, and even getting your civil rights and firearms rights back and restored. The Law Offices helps people every day get a second chance to get their life back on track.

The law office provides a free case evaluation to individuals so they can learn more about their case and how they can specifically help them.

About Us 

The Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp is a professional law firm that works with people throughout Northern Arizona. Our firm helps people that have been arrested, facing jail time, or have been convicted of a crime. We work with many types of cases, including the practice areas of domestic violence, DUI/DWI defense, misdemeanors, felony crimes, local criminal defense, federal crimes, and probation violations. The reputable attorneys at the Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp have helped thousands of clients in the criminal justice systems with high levels of experience. Attorney, Shawn Hamp, has helped hundreds of people when it comes to setting aside convictions in Arizona. The firm encourages everyone to contact them for a free case evaluation.

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Shawn B. Hamp

President and lead counsel for The Hamp Law Offices, LLC (An Arizona Professional Corporation), Shawn Hamp has practiced law for more than 15 years with an emphasis in criminal law. An experienced trial attorney, Mr. Hamp has been lead counsel in hundreds of criminal trials and court...


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