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Yarnell Justice Court

Yarnell Justice Court

Whatever crimes or other legal matters do happen in Yarnell will go before the Yarnell Justice Court.

22591 Looka Way
Yarnell, AZ 85632
(928) 427-3318

This courthouse has the power to hear the following types of cases.

  • Small claims and civil lawsuits for under $10,000
  • Criminal cases, including driving under the influence (DUI) and domestic violence
  • Restraining order issues
  • Traffic offenses, like speeding and other moving violations
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants

Parking for the Yarnell Justice Court

If you need to make a court appearance at the Yarnell Justice Court, parking is available in the spots that surround the courthouse on Looka Way. While these parking spots are generally more than enough to handle the daily needs of the Yarnell Justice Court, if they're full, you may have to parallel park on the side of the road on Route 89, which runs parallel to Looka Way and is only a short walk from the courthouse.

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