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Possession of Marijuana Offenses

Consequences Of Getting A Marijuana Conviction In Arizona

The tides are changing across the Country when it comes to Marijuana possession laws in the United States.  Even though medical marijuana is legal in Arizona (in certain limited circumstances), personal possession or “recreational” marijuana is still illegal.

Despite Arizona's long history of being a libertarian conservative state, Mohave County was the only County in Arizona that still opposed Medical Marijuana use during its referendum vote in 2010.  Prosecutors and Judges in Mohave County often reflect the views of their constituents and Marijuana Possession is no exception.

No Diversion In Mohave County

I say this because even though many other jurisdictions offer diversion programs for first time marijuana offenses, my experience is that Mohave County Prosecutors do not offer diversion programs for these type of offenses.

If you are convicted of Possession of Marijuana it may still be charged as a Felony Offense.  A Felony can have serious consequences on your livelihood if convicted.  Sometimes Marijuana offenses are plead down or reduced as Misdemeanors but still remain as a criminal conviction.

Mandatory Fine

Possession of Marijuana carries with it a mandatory fine and surcharges of $1,372.50.

Mandatory Drug Treatment And Community Service

A misdemeanor conviction for Possession of Marijuana requires mandatory drug treatment or eight hours of instruction “on the nature and harmful effects of narcotic drugs, marijuana and other dangerous drugs on the human system.”**

If convicted of a Felony Possession of Marijuana charge, an offender may be ordered to complete twenty-four (24) hours of community restitution and work service with an organization providing counseling or rehabilitation services.**

No Jail, Unless Second Offense. Possible Prison On Third Offense

A first time Possession of Marijuana conviction does not require ANY jail time. But a second or third drug conviction can include jail time or even felony prison time on a third offense.

*Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 13-3405(G)

**A.R.S. 13-3405(F)

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