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We serve all of the Municipal, Justice Courts, and County Superior Courts of North West Arizona including the following courts and communities:

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Federal Court:

U.S. District Court of Arizona - Flagstaff Magistrate Court

U.S. District Court of Arizona - Prescott Magistrate Court

U.S. District Court of Arizona - Kingman Circuit 


Hire An Attorney That Knows The Local Court System

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, including a DUI or criminal traffic violation, you will have to navigate the court system. The process can be daunting, even if it isn't your first criminal offense. The court in which your case will be heard depends on several factors: (1) the alleged crime; (2) which jurisdiction you were in at the time of the arrest; and (3) which law enforcement agency arrested you.

Each Court Is Different

The court process varies according to jurisdiction, so knowing the court is important to understanding specific court procedures. Not abiding by court procedures can be detrimental to your case.

We Know The Local Courts

You should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the court system, knows the prosecutors, and knows the judge(s) in your area. Knowledge of the court system helps ensure motions are filed timely and hearing procedures are followed properly. Knowledge of the prosecution team offers insight into how they operate and what their strategies may be. Knowledge of the judges lends an understanding to certain proclivities respective judges have with regard to certain crimes, e.g., if the judge tends to be lenient in some matters and harsher in others. Knowledge of these things allows an experienced attorney to create a strategic defense.

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