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U.S. District Court of Arizona - Prescott Magistrate Court

U.S. District Court of Arizona - Prescott Magistrate Court

Cases involving the federal government are heard in United States District Courts  District courts are different from superior, judicial, and municipal courts due to the parties involved. In a district court, the federal government is at least one the parties involved a civil, criminal, or bankruptcy case. Magistrate courts, like the one in Flagstaff, assist district court by hearing cases throughout a state. These magistrate courts are often near federal land such as the Grand Canyon.

101 W. Goodwin Street, 2nd Floor
Prescott, AZ 86301

Parking at the Prescott Magistrate Court

There is no free parking at Prescott Magistrate Court, and a limited amount of street side parking spaces near the courthouse. However, according to the court's webpage, there is a city parking lot available on Montezuma Street. This lot is said to be within walking distance from Prescott Magistrate Court.

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