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The Game and Fish had an operation at Lake Mohave. 
I was arrested and charged with O.U.I and accused of being on illegal drugs. 
I spoke to Attorney Shawn Hamp and explained the details of what transpired from the point of the confrontation of Game and Fish Dept of AZ. 
Shawn Hamp listened to everything I had to say during a free consultation. He didn't prejudge me or question any of my personal expectations of what I expected. Attorney Shawn Hamp knew immediately what one would expect the outcome of my case to be. 
Attorney Shawn Hamp was paid and went right to work on my case. 
His other Attorney Virginia Crews took over the fight in the Kingman AZ. office and was just as GREAT. 
They can put another WIN on their record. 
Attorney Shawn Hamp and staff are always on point. No stone left on turned. Attorney Shawn Hamp and staff will fight and file motion's that others will NOT. 
Attorney Shawn Hamp is for his client's. Thick and thin. 
Attorney Shawn Hamp AND his staff were the best. 
There aren't many attorneys left in this age to stand up to prosecutor's, Judges that allow things to go on in their courtrooms to get a conviction. 
The game was stopped once Attorney Shawn Hamp and Virginia Crews took over. 
Attorney Shawn Hamp and staff were a pleasure to have worked with and kept me updated instantly on every change, motion, and decision. 
Hire Attorney Shawn Hamp... 
Best Wishes.

February 17, 2019

– Anonymous

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