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"For me, this was totally worth every penny." πŸ™Œ

Shawn Hamp is providing a valuable service in a very competitive way. I have never had to deal with anything like this kind of court situation and they took great care of me.

They listened to my goals and priorities and then set about to get me more if they could. And they did.

At first, I was concerned that asking for more than the minimum I needed might cause a negative reaction by the court but that didn't happen.

What you should know is that: 
1) You will likely work with several people, though I was impressed that Shawn Hamp made a point to communicate with me himself at one point. 
2) It will likely take time. They made all my court-imposed deadlines and extended when needed, but it took months. In the end though, it went off seamlessly. So be patient, it's worth it. 
3) Give them a break and send them messages. For what they are doing they charge a very reasonable amount. However, if you need them to get back to you in less than a couple days, you'd better call. You're going to have to check your messages (on your phone and email or their website). Just when you think they're handling everything and it's been months, they're going to need your input and you will want to provide it in a timely manner.
4) There were several situations where they could have jacked up the costs or sold me out. They never did. This is huge. I started HAVING to trust them, I ended with respect for their skills and ethics.

Everybody involved (even the court) got something. For me, this was totally worth every penny.

February 12, 2019


– Erik

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