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Mohave County Releases New Felony Case Management Plan

Posted by Unknown | Jan 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

Mohave County Felony Case Management

Mohave County has recently updated their Case Management proceedings to ensure defendants are given a speedy resolution

Mohave County has recently implemented a Case Management Plan with the intent of improving the efficiency of felony cases heard in the Mohave County Superior Court. By increasing efficiency, the new plan will further protect a defendant's right to a quick resolution of their criminal charges.

A Case Management Hearing is a pre-trial hearing that is set after an Arraignment for felony cases. The court sets these cases for Status Hearings (Case Management Hearings) specifically because the court wants to be assured that the case is flowing smoothly through the judicial process. For example, if you're a defendant and you have a public defender, the court wants to make sure that the public defender and the defendant are talking to each other. If the prosecution has not sent out disclosure to an attorney, the Court wants to make sure that the disclosure will provided to the defense counsel before the set deadline. The Court needs to be aware of any issues. A Case Management Hearing has two purposes. First, the Judge wants to know if there's any problems with discovery. The Judge will also want to know if there's any plea offer that has been made in the case. deadline to give that disclosure to defense counsel and the defendant. The Court needs to be aware of any issues.

This new Case Management Plan is attempting to speed up the process for those with a criminal conviction. By limiting the amount of unreasonable discussions, and pleadings, Mohave County believes that they will successfully cut down on the time between arrest and conviction, preserving an individual's right to a speedy trial. The different types of cases heard at the Mohave County Superior Court have their own “track” that they follow from beginning to end. Each track varies in the duration from its first filing to its disposition.

Track 1:

The first track consists of Non–Complex Felonies including Class 4 Felonies, Class 5 Felonies, and Class 6 Felonies. It is noted that 98% of these cases are resolved under 150 days.

According to the Case Management Plan provided by Mohave County, the track for Non-Complex Felonies is as followed:

1: Charging Event

2: Arraignment – held within 10 days if defendant is in custody or within 30 days for defendants not in custody

3: Pre-Trial Conference – held 21 days after a defendant's arraignment

4: Status Conference – held 21 days after Pre-Trial Conference. The next meeting will either be a Change of Plea Hearing or this beginning of a trial depending on what the defendant choses to do.

Track 2:

The second track is designated for Serious Felonies. These felonies include Class 3 Felonies, and Class 2 Non-Complex Felonies. These cases are typically resolved under 180 days.

 The track for Serious Felonies is as followed:

1. Charging Event

2. Arraignment – held within 10 days if the defendant is in custody, or within 30 days if the defendant is out of custody.

3. Pre-Trial Conference – held 21 days after the Arraignment.

4. Status Conference – held 60 days after the Pre-Trial Conference

Track 3:

Track 3 is designated for Complex Felonies. Complex Felonies are felonies charged to those who are accused of committing dangerous offenses or dangerous crimes against children. Class 1 and 2 Complex Felonies fall under the third track, along with Capital Cases. Complex Felonies take much longer to resolve – typically between 270 and 730 days. The track for Complex Felonies is as followed

1. Charging Event

2.Arraignment – held within 10 days of Charging Event for defendants who are still in custody, and 30 days for those out of custody.

3. Pre-Trial Conference – held 60 days after the Arraignment.

4. Status Conference – held 60 days after the Pre-Trial Conference

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