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DUI Classes: Even for the Arizona Cardinals

Posted by Shawn B. Hamp | Jul 25, 2018 | 0 Comments

Steve Keim, general manager of the Arizona Cardinals, was arrested for extreme DUI on July 4, 2018. He didn't even try to fight it. Rather, he pled guilty to the offense of extreme DUI on July 17, 2018. Now, not only will he face the potential penalties associated with his guilty plea, the Arizona Cardinals suspended Keim for five weeks and fined him $200,000 for his conduct.

The $200,000 will be donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving here in Arizona. Along with his fine and suspension, he is required to participate in counseling and evaluation as well as a DUI education class. DUI classes are a common part of DUI convictions in Arizona and can be a part of your sentencing too if convicted.

DUI classes take time out of your life and money out of your pocket. If you have been ordered to attend DUI classes, an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney can ensure you follow the guidelines. But it's always best to find an Arizona criminal defense attorney who can best defend your DUI charge so you don't have to take time out of life and money out of your pocket to attend these classes.

What is a DUI Class?

A DUI class is meant to educate you about driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as well as be a part of your treatment. The classes vary in length. The judge will order a length he or she deems appropriate in your case. It is crucial that you complete all hours assigned by the court.

In the class, you will see videos and have discussions with classmates and the instructors. You will also learn about Arizona DUI laws.

Follow the Strict Requirements

DUI classes have certain guidelines that must be followed to successfully complete. If you fail to meet any of these expectations you can fail to complete your class requirements. Of the utmost importance is prompt attendance at all meetings.

As part of the MVD alcohol treatment program, you will be required to participate in a screening that will last between 30 minutes and 3 hours. It is conducted by a behavioral health professional, and you will take a standardized test meant to determine your alcohol dependency or level of substance abuse.

Treatment under the MVD program includes 16 hours of DUI education, with at least 20 hours of group counseling. The education portion of the treatment is provided in a classroom setting and is taught by a behavioral health professional specially trained in dealing with these matters.

There are also certain costs associated with classes that you must pay. Costs may vary, but full payment is a necessary part of your DUI class.

Consult a DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with DUI in Arizona, an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Shawn B. Hamp can represent you in your defense.

We serve clients in Mohave, Yavapai, La Paz, and Coconino Counties, including the communities of Kingman, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu, Parker, Prescott, Williams and Flagstaff, Arizona. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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